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Psalm 9:1

Hi Everyone, Just wanna say that your creations are a 5* in my book. For if you take the time to create, then you're taking the time to inspire others.Keep creating for you may never know who you're uplifting through your creations.

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Happy Birthday Jessica
Happy Birthday Annette
Missing You James
Happy Easter
I Love My Sister
Happy Valentine's Day
Becca Lynn's Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 2016 Happy New Year 2017
Love & Miss you Babe
Family & Friends With Love
A Beautiful & Peaceful Day
I Love Jesus & You
Live Love Life
Hello Friend
You are my Life
Call of the Wild
Where there is Hope: There is Love
Good Bye September Hello October
Psalm 91:2
Daughter you make my life worth living Thank You
Jesus Loves Me
Have a Great Day
My Children I love you to the moon and back
Enjoy the Moment {This Moment is your Moment}
Enjoy Life Precious Moments
Dance to the Music Marathon 2016 {PicMix Style}
Hello My Friend{Live*Laugh*Love}
Romans 15: 13
Deuteronomy 31:6
Merry Christmas 2016
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year
I love you just the way you are
2 Corinthians 4: 6
Have A Peaceful Day

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The memories from old Paris...
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